Hi, do you know about mola mola or have you seen anything?

if you don’t know, let’s discuss it

            Sanur to Lembongan | Mola mola fish or commonly called Sunfish comes from the Latin word “milstone” which means grinding stone, the name is given because the shape and color of the body is like a gray stone, and the name sunfish is given because this fish likes sunbathing. because this fish lives in very cold water conditions at depth so before this fish returns the mola mola will warm its body temperature to an ideal because mola mola lives with a body temperature below 12 degrees centigrade, after this fish sunbathing while sleeping mola mola will dive back to a depth of 600 meters.

            Oh ya, this fish is different from fish in general that has a rear tail fin, this fish only has a body to the stomach, if in general fish have fins right and left, mola mola has upper and lower fins that support a round and flat body shape. And this is a photo of the sunfish.

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It is cute? With this unique body shape, this cute mola mola has a friendly nature, he will approach with his swimming style, swaying to the divers around him, and don’t be afraid if this fish approaches because the fish only eat crabs, jellyfish, zooplankton and microcopis, calm down, humans aren’t on the menu, haha…

            For its habitat you can find it in the waters of Nusa Penida island in Crystal Bay and don’t forget to prepare your change of clothes because you will be invited to dive while enjoying the beautiful and fresh waters of this crystal bay and not only in Crystal Bay you will be invited to dive, you will also be invited to dive in the waters of manta bay while looking at manta rays, does anyone know manta rays ?? (we discuss in the next article)

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