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Did you know what tours are offered in Nusa Lembongan?

          Sanur to Lembongan | Yep there are many, there are mangrove tours, there are panorama point, there are devil tear’s, and beautiful beaches and cliffs such as dream beach, secret point, sunset point, secret beach, mushroom beach, song Lambung beach and many hidden and interesting spots. in Nusa Lembongan, the sea and the coral reefs? Dont worry about that  the waters in Nusa Lembongan there are so many types of beautiful coral reefs, such as the manta point, crystal bay, mangrove point and various unique fish such as mola mola which only swim half of their bodies as we discussed in the article before and manta rays whose fins resembled birds and swam like birds flying in the ocean [the bird from the sea]

            Of the many Nusa Lembongan tourist spots, we discussed the mangrove tour first, the rest we discuss in the following article.

Ticket to PARADISE Island

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Fast Ferry Lembongan

            Mangrove tour is a unique and fun Lembongan tourist attraction where we surround the mangrove forest using a traditional boat that is commonly called by residents around the sampan, this sampan does not use a machine, only needs a long bamboo stick and then the stick is used to push the sampan to around this mangrove forest, and feel the sensation of going around the mangrove forest using a sampan and the natural beauty of this mangrove forest, are you curious?

            This mangrove forest is always cared for and protected by local residents there because it affects the ecosystem in the surrounding waters and keeps it from abrasion from the sea

so … lets enjoy this vacation 😀

            to get there you have to cross the ocean using a fast boat, calm down in the port of sanur there are many fast boats for departure to nusa lembongan, and for those of you who don’t want to bother you can order fast boat tickets from afar, or order nusa lembongan vacation package tickets it can work, so it doesn’t bother to happen, for the room to stay? This is it … cheap hotel Lembongan (fast boat Lembongan)

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